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Walking Dead Comic Creator On Writing For TV Series

And he may have written a pivotal scene that never made it into the comic books. SPOILER ALERT

Robert Kirkman, who created The Walking Dead , has written the fourth episode of the the zombie TV series based on his comics, he reveals to Things From Another World .

“Yeah, the episode they’re about to start filming, episode four, actually. It was a pretty cool experience, I got the chance to work in an actual writer’s room with series writers Chic Eglee, Jack LoGiudice and Adam Fierro and it’s been a real treat getting to learn the process and see how it all works,” says Kirkman. “I also got direct guidance from Frank Darabont [showrunner on the series, and director of the first episode] himself, which is really just priceless. He’s such a talented screenwriter, his advice should be written on stone tablets and have religions based on it.”

Meanwhile Comic Book Movies had added two and two together and come up with this little gem: “The top rumor in The Walking Dead universe is that Sophia has been cast and will be played by little Madison Lintz. The even bigger rumor is that we will see a flashback involving the death of her father in episode four. Now - this was never shown in the comic… What's even cooler – Robert Kirkman has stated that he wrote the script for episode four. So the creator and zombie mastermind himself is behind the flashback. Sort of like a deleted scene from the comic brought to life for the show.”