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Valheim consoles - Is it coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X?

Valheim consoles
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After the almost instantaneous success of the survival game on PC, many people have a question; is a Valheim consoles version happening? Specifically PS4 or Xbox One? Right now Valheim is only on PC, but players are wondering if there will ever be a Valheim PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X version of the game. A Valheim console version doesn't currently exist, but will there be one in future? Keep reading to let us shed some light on what's happening with Valheim coming to consoles.

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Is Valheim coming to consoles?

Valheim consoles

(Image credit: Coffee Stain Publishing)

Right now, Valheim can only be found on Steam. It's currently in early access, which is the category for when games are available to purchase and play, but with the caveat that the developer is still working on creating content for the game and it's not completely finished. The recent Valheim roadmap outlines the planned content for the next few updates, including a new biome, sandbox mode, combat improvements, and so much more, but console versions are unfortunately notably absent from the list.

On the official Valheim FAQ page, there's the question "on which platforms will Valheim be released?", and unfortunately it doesn't paint a pretty picture for console players. It confirms that the game is on Windows and Linux via Steam, but there are "no plans to release on other platforms". With that said, it goes on to clarify that they "won't rule out console versions in the future", so there is still hope!

Another important thing to note is that as I write this, Valheim has only been available to buy for around a week. Nobody, not even the developers, could have foreseen how popular the game would be, which could very well alter their outlook on future PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and/or Xbox Series X versions of Valheim thanks to the revenue they're undoubtedly generating. The FAQ page is also a little out of date, as other answers listed refer to wishlisting the game on Steam, so it hasn't been updated since Valheim became available. So if you're waiting for a Valheim console version, it's not too promising, but the dream certainly isn't dead.

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