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Upping the Ante In Stargate Universe Season Two

SFXCLUSIVE The show’s producers tease where they’ll be taking the story on the characters in the second season. SPOILERS – obviously

Things reached a nadir of bleakness by the end of the first season of Stargate Universe with the interstellar thugs known as the Lucien Alliance taking over our heroes’ ship by extreme force, leaving the good guys quite literally on their knees, and a defiant Colonel Young dealing with the news that ex-lover TJ (who was carrying their child) lay dying elsewhere on the ship. But that could all be a afternoon in the park compared to what the producers have lined up for season two, they reveal in an exclusive interview in SFX 198 .

Long-running Stargate stalwart Brad Wright promises that escaping from the Alliance is going to be a messy business. “When you try to adopt a more realistic tone, where frankly we don’t win every time, then there have to be real world repercussions like death and injury and loss. You can dig deeper into characters and the deeper you dig the repercussions can get bigger. We are going to some places with these characters, and already have really, that we would never go with the heroes of our other series.”

Wright’s fellow executive producer Rob Cooper (who has just this past week announced his departure from the franchise) says Young in particular is going to feel some pain. “He is going to go through the wringer in the first half of season two and hopefully will emerge stronger as a result. After everything he’s been through – and it gets worse for him initially at the beginning of season two – it’s impossible to imagine that a person wouldn’t go to a very dark place at least for a short period of time.”

Cooper also reveals, “As the conflicts between Rush and Young escalate in season two it’s forcing our younger characters to mature and emerge as stronger individuals taking their rightful place in making decisions.”

For more of season two news, including some of the production team’s plans for new baddie, Simeon, played by Heroes’ Robert Knepper, check out the full interview in SFX 198 .