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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide - Treasures, Photo Opportunities, Lock Boxes, and Optional Conversations

Chapter 6 - The Gatekeeper

5 Treasures, 2 Photo Opportunities, 1 Optional Conversation, 3 Lock Boxes

Hidden Trophy - Overkill
When you come up against the APC, you need to plant enough C4 charges on it to destroy the vehicle with one detonation. The number of charges required varies depending on their placement and your difficulty level, but four was enough for us on Moderate. Use the long grass to sneak around the area gathering C4 from the open crates, then throw them onto the APC and detonate once they're all primed. If you don't destroy it first time, choose Restart Encounter for another attempt.

Lock Box 13
Starting from the wrecked jeep, follow the track up the hill and around to the right, then continue along the stream until you spot the Lock Box on your right.

Lock Box 14
Now turn around and head towards the building behind the tree ahead, where you'll see an open crate on one side and a Lock Box around the back of it.

Treasure 37 - 10th Century Oil Bottle
After walking (and sliding) down some stairs, look for an altar on the right hand side.

Treasure 38 - Aged Silver Anklet
Once you've crawled through a tunnel, go up the first steps then double back to the left.

Photo Opportunity 19
When you find the group of elephants, pass in front of them at a distance.

Treasure 39 - Ceremonial Sugar Hammer
Now turn right and look near the edge of the waterfall.

Optional Conversation 10
Climb up onto the ledge then talk to Nadine about elephants.

Lock Box 15
Next, head up the stairs to find a Lock Box.

Photo Opportunity 20
Ahead, climb and jump to the high ledge and look across the drop.

Treasure 40 - Agate Gemstone Box
Attach your grapple, then swing to the ledge opposite.

Treasure 41 - Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu
Now swing to the climbing wall opposite, then head through the tunnel down and to the right.

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