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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide - Treasures, Photo Opportunities, Lock Boxes, and Optional Conversations

Chapter 4 - The Western Ghats

19 Treasures, 9 Photo Opportunities, 4 Optional Conversations, 11 Lock Boxes

Photo Opportunity 6
When the chapter starts, get out of the jeep and walk to the edge of the cliff ahead.

Hidden Trophy - Let's Not Get Caught
For this trophy, just drive the jeep straight off the cliff in this opening area.

Hidden Trophy - Stunt It!
This trophy unlocks after getting a total of 30 seconds airtime in the jeep. If you want to get it out of the way now, keep looping around over the ramps in this opening area until it pops.

Hidden Trophy - Your Prize
Locate the Hoysala Tower and climb up it to reach the main chamber, then open all the doors to update your map. Now, climb around the broken door looking out towards the mountain and continue upwards until you reach the top of the tower, then wait for Chloe to finish all her dialogue and start performing some yoga poses.

Hidden Trophy - Token For Granted
Hidden Trophy - Yas Queen

At this point you can head to the question mark in the northeast of the map and investigate the White Monkey Temple there to begin a side quest tracking down Hoysala Tokens. You'll need to find all 11 of these to access some of the Treasures in this chapter, so check out our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Hoysala Tokens location and puzzle solutions guide to grab them and unlock these two hidden trophies.

Photo Opportunity 7
Outside the temple where you place the Hoysala Tokens, look across the gap and photograph the white monkeys.

Treasure 12 - Hoysala Kukri
Treasure 13 - Inscribed Copper Plate
Treasure 14 - Silver Goblet
After collecting and returning all the Hoysala Tokens, go through the newly opened door to access the area opposite, then enter the covered area to find three Treasures on the side.

Optional Conversation 1
Outside the covered area, look up at the monkeys on the pedestal and interact with the prompt, then turn around and talk to Nadine.

Photo Opportunity 8
In the same area, go towards the edge of the cliff then turn around to take another monkey photo.

Lock Box 2
Treasure 15 - Miniature Bronze Cannon
Just south of the entrance to the White Monkey Temple area, at the base of a tower. The Treasure is inside the Lock Box.

Treasure 16 - Jade Archer's Ring
Now turn left and climb the tower in front of you, overlooking the previous items.

Treasure 17 - Hoysala Coin
Climb the side of the large stone elephant, to reach its eye.

Lock Box 3
As long as you've collected Hoysala Token 4 from this area, a truck should be parked up nearby.

Treasure 18 - Ivory Casket
To reach this area, drive the jeep across the waterfall to the east of the map then follow the track.

Treasure 19 - Stag Horn Box
Slide down this muddy slope then jump to the rocks on the left, and look behind the the stone pillar.

Optional Conversation 2
Head to the entrance to the Trident Fort, inspect the symbol above the archway then talk to Nadine.

Lock Box 4
After completing the Trident Fort and exiting the area, a second truck will be parked near the waterfall.

Treasure 20 - Trinket Box
Hop in the jeep and drive along the waterfalls, where you'll find a passageway under the streams dropping down to your left.

Treasure 21 - Ancient Stone Jar
Turn right at the bottom of the passageway to drive along the middle of the waterfalls, then climb onto the rock.

Photo Opportunity 9
Look up at the waterfalls from the bottom.

Treasure 22 - Medieval Indian Lock and Key
Climb onto the ledge at the edge of the ruins.

Treasure 23 - Rosewood Spice Box
On a track heading back towards the Hoysala Tower area, look in the lower area to the left.

Lock Box 5
Tucked against a wall, near a mounted turret gun. This area is where you find Hoysala Token 6.

Photo Opportunity 10
Destroy the weak wall (if it hasn't been already) then go through the ruins behind to find a trident-wielding sculpture on the other side.

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