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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide - Treasures, Photo Opportunities, Lock Boxes, and Optional Conversations

Chapter 3 - Homecoming

4 Treasures, 3 Photo Opportunities, 1 Lock Box

Photo Opportunity 3
As soon as the chapter starts, turn right to take the snap.

Photo Opportunity 4
After driving to the top of the stream, get out of the jeep BEFORE driving over the ridge then go to the rocks on the left and photograph the flamingos.

Treasure 8 - Gupta Empire Coins
Now head past the flamingos to the base of the waterfall and look behind the large sloping rock.

Hidden Trophy - Were You Counting?
When you attach the winch to the gate you'll get ambushed, giving you the first chance to fire your weapon. Get down to your last bullet, then finish off an enemy with it (a headshot works best) to unlock this trophy.

Treasure 9 - Silver Water Jar
After taking out the enemies, climb up to the top platform where you'll find a couple of grenades. Use one to destroy the weak wall here then look behind it.

Treasure 10 - Golden Fish Statuette
Once you've pulled down the gate and driven through, follow the stream to the left until you reach two waterfalls then look in the alcove between them.

Hidden Trophy - 4x4x4
For this trophy you need to defeat four enemies in 20 seconds with the jeep. When you encounter the large group of enemies, knock down the first two in the water then drive up the slope ahead and try to hit two more on the upper level. If you don't manage to find four in the time limit then restart the encounter and have another attempt.

Hidden Trophy - Now You See Me…
Restarting this encounter, take out the enemies in the lower flooded area and pick off the ones you can see up in the ruins, then enter cover out of sight of the remaining enemies and wait until you re-enter stealth.

Hidden Trophy - I Was Never Here
Hidden Trophy - Fingersmith
The first Lock Box can be found in this area, but there are two additional hidden trophies you can earn here. If you leave at least one nearby enemy alive while opening it you'll receive I Was Never Here, and if you pick the lock in under 15 seconds you'll also get Fingersmith - if you find the first couple of pins are taking too long then back out and start again to reset the timer.

Lock Box 1
In the upper area where you fight the large group of enemies, check the back of the truck near the waterfall.

Photo Opportunity 5
After dealing with all the enemies, head back to the lower flooded area and grab a photo of the temple.

Treasure 11 - Mango Crystal Scent Flask
Once you've opened the doorway and dropped down the other side into the jeep, immediately get out and turn around then look behind the jeep to your left.

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