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Twitter reacts to the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal: "LET. ME. PLAY. THIS. NOW!"

The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal livestream has concluded, and fans are quietly processing their thoughts. Nah, just kidding - Twitter is flooded with reactions and thoughts about the reveal and what it means to them. There are, as to be expected, plenty who are eager to jump into this new chapter...

While others appreciate the sense of community the new game aims to bring.

Not everyone was impressed, of course...

The real surprise of the day was the fact that Destiny 2 on PC will use Blizzard's launcher app (formerly known as - not Steam. Some wholly support this idea, while others loathe it. And still others are just sitting back, chuckling and making Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm jokes.

Did you miss the reveal? Then I guess you haven't seen the new Super Abilities for Destiny 2 yet - spoiler, they're great. And the sequel is also adding a map! A map! Praise Xur!

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