TV REVIEW Chuck 1.10 "Chuck Versus the Nemesis"

Original US air date: 26/11/07

Written by: Chris Fedak

Directed by: Allison Liddi-Brown


The One Where: Bryce, the traitor (or is he?) is still alive, and has to be handed back to the CIA in the middle of a chaotic Black Friday sale at Buy More. But will Sarah leave with him?

Verdict: The show goes a bit Alias with a twisty-turny plot full of espionage intrigue and questionable motives. Sadly all this plot gets in the way of the humour at times, and occasionally Chuck’s quips seem rather forced attempts to keep the show “in character”. Luckily, the “homefront” elements once again provide the real highlights, with Ellie’s Thanksgiving meal and the Black Monday sale at Buy More livening things up. Having said that, the sale never seems quite as manic as the script clearly meant it to be (not enough budget to employ enough extras?) and it’s a shame we don’t see Casey dealing with customers in his customary manner. But this remains a hugely enjoyable episode and the cliffhanger – with Sarah deciding whether to follow Bryce or not – is played at a pitch perfect level.

Highlight: Morgan orgasming over Ellie’s Thanksgiving marshmallows and sweet potatoes (the kind of food only an American could love).

Geek Credentials: Bryce and Chuck can hold conversations in Klingon.

Trivia: Bryce injects Chuck with a fictional drug called dehalcynate, which was also the name of a drug in the 2005 movie The Island.

Best Line:
Bryce (having changed into a tuxedo): "I have a new assignment."
Chuck: "As a maître d’?"

Dave Golder

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