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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy release date tuned for July

Do you love Final Fantasy? Have rhythm? Enjoy drawn-out intros? If you answered “kind of”, “I think”, and “would you get to the point already!?”, then you'll be happy to hear Square Enix is releasing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy in North America on July 3.

Appreciate music? Got speakers? On break? Then reacquaint yourself with Square Enix's beat-tapping Final Fantasy entry with the Japanese trailer:

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy stars characters from throughout the RPG franchise in musically-themed battles and challenges inspired by key events from the original Final Fantasy game all the way up to Final Fantasy XIII. A total of 70 songs will be featured in the 3DS title. According to Sileconera, additional tracks from games like Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII are already available as DLC in Japan. Similar downloadable extras have not been confirmed for North America.

GR spent time with the cutesy Final Fantasy spin-off at TGS 2011. Read our thoughts in TGS 2011: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy hands-on preview, and plaster your screen with images from the incoming music combat game in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: US release announced, see the first English-language pics here.

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