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The Top 7… E3 no shows

We’ve long since resigned ourselves to the idea that Rockstar rarely, if ever, has any official presence whatsoever at E3. But with multiple projects in the works, we were hoping the company would at least give us a taste of what’s in store, however small or indirect. They’ve certainly done so during previous E3s. No dice this year, though. Not even a single die.

Above: Rockstar has lots of exciting titles up its sleeve, but nothing was shown at this year’s E3

Agent, the PS3-exclusive, 1970s Cold War spy thriller introduced at last year’s Sony press conference, didn’t have so much as a new piece of concept art for Jack Tretton to tease. LA Noire, the 1940s detective drama that’s been teased to us for years now, might as well have not existed, despite sizable previews in recent issues of Game Informer and Edge. And while we’ve seen plenty of screenshots and details on the bearded, pot-bellied third coming of Max Payne, the cop who invented bullet time was a similar no-show. And at this rate, we don’t imagine we’ll see so much as a teaser logo for Grand Theft Auto V (which hasn’t been announced, but is nevertheless inevitable) until sometime next year. We get that Rockstar doesn’t want to roll its stuff out on the show floor, for whatever reason, but would it kill them to give us at least a glimpse of what to expect?

1. The Last Guardian

Of all thePS3 games we were eager to see at E3 this year, none had us quite as excited as The Last Guardian. An achingly beautiful game about a boy and his adorable giant griffon-thing (one of whom probably dies at the end), Last Guardian is being created by the minds behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and it’s been hotly anticipated by just about everybody since its very first trailer from last May. Its gameplay looks amazing. Its pedigree is phenomenal. Its story has the potential to tug on our heartstrings like none before it.

Above: We were ready to see more of The Last Guardian. But apparently, The Last Guardian wasn’t ready for us

So where was it? Nowhere near E3, that’s for damn sure. We got to see plenty of Killzone 3, Twisted Metal and Move during and after Sony’s press conference, but Last Guardian was nowhere to be seen. No playable demo, no trailer, not even so much as a new screenshot. Casual chats with Sony reps seem to indicate Team Ico just wants to be sure that the game is great before they show it, but come on – it was great a year ago, when it was shown for the first time. Here’s to hoping it’s just a little late to the party, and that we’ll get a chance to see it sometime in the next few months.

Jun 21, 2010

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