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Twitter played Destiny 2 way too much overnight but still doesn't regret it at all

People all over the world are playing Destiny 2 right now. And when they're not playing, they're tweeting about it. Over the last dozen-or-so hours, Twitter has hosted a distinct narrative of players impatiently waiting for Destiny 2, then playing it furiously, then somewhat-to-not at all regretting their decision to forego sleep in favor of fighting a virtual space war. Also, a lot of them posted funny gifs. These are their stories.

First, there was waiting to play Destiny 2

Then there was playing Destiny 2 all night

Many rough days were had after all that Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players are already enjoying plenty of good times

And some... other times in Destiny 2

Meanwhile, everyone waiting to play Destiny 2 on PC is like

Whether you're waiting or have already started, read our Destiny 2 review in progress. And don't worry, we were wondering how to get a sparrow in Destiny 2, as well.

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