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The Han Solo movie director teases the moment an R2 unit burst into flames in set video

Ron Howard just loves showing off shots from the Han Solo movie. There was Lando, Chewie and, uhh, Chewie again, but now we’ve got some fiery action. A flaming R2 unit to be precise. I bet he’s really bleeped off.

The Han Solo movie director has taken to Instagram to reveal the extra-crispy droid unit being doused in flames with the heading: “Things are a little rough all over the Galaxy.” That’s putting it mildly for R2-BBQ over here...

Things are a little rough all over the Galaxy

A photo posted by @realronhoward on Aug 18, 2017 at 1:46pm PDT

If nothing else, it’s gotta hint at a cool action sequence, complete with some molten mayhem and things going up in Snoke – sorry, smoke. R2 units don’t just burst into flames… unless the Han Solo movie has a whole B-plot about defective models. Somehow, I doubt it.

If you want more in the way of the upcoming Han Solo movie (and, honestly, who doesn’t?) then check out Donald Glover talking about the director switch and, to lighten the mood, a shot of Chewie’s wife. D’aww.

Images: Lucasfilm

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