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The American has a second new trailer online

The American

George Clooney’s new action thriller The American has had its second trailer released online.

It’s slightly flashier and more fast-paced than the first, and it definitely has our attention. And seeing as its directed by Anton Corbijn (he of the brilliant Control ), we’re hoping The American is more than your average shoot-em-up.

Clooney heads up the flick as something of a middle-aged Bourne, an assassin who takes a trip to Italy in order to carry out “one last job”. Funny how last jobs in movies are rarely anything but.

While there, Clooney’s Jack befriends a priest (Paolo Bonacelli, who appeared in Mission: Impossible III ) and falls for local beauty Clara (Violante Placido).

Check out the new trailer below…

The American opens on 26 November.

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