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The 26 best Avatar Awards and how to get them

Risk: Factions %26ndash; Robot Head

Risk: Factions took the classic board game in an interesting direction that involved a war of man vs cat vs zombie vs yeti vs robot. You can cover your virtual mug with the quizzical robot’s face by completing the main campaign.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 %26ndash; Sonic Costume and Mask

These are the envy of all Sonic fanboys, but they aren’t so easy to get. You get the costume for beating the final boss a second time after you collect all seven Chaos Emeralds, and you get the matching head piece for collecting all the rings in the Splash Hill area Sonic runs through after the final fight. Good luck!

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! %26ndash; Cartman's Hat and Kenny's Hoodie

These accessories from one of the funniest and crudest cartoons of all time are pretty undemanding. Just beat the one level to get Cartman’s iconic hat, and finish the campaign so your Avatar can steal Kenny’s look.

Super Meat Boy %26ndash; Meat Boy pet

You should carry this one with pride, as this Meat Boy pet is hooked into one of the toughest games on XBLA. If you beat the Light World, aka the main campaign, you get your own personal Meat Boy to hang with.

Toy Soldiers %26ndash; Gas Mask

This tower defense game based in a strange world that mixes World War I with a child’s toy chest has a pretty cool mask Award for fans of weird, vintage headgear. And all you need do is complete the first level of the game to get it.

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