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There's no Tenet post-credits scene – but there's still something worth sticking around for

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It’s a modern movie phenomenon: if you’re here, you’re surely wondering if there is a Tenet post-credits scene. We can say unequivocally that, after the lights are up and the credits roll at the end of Christopher Nolan’s new movie, you’re free to navigate the popcorn-ridden aisles and make your way out of the theatre. There is no Tenet post-credits scene, just your usual roll of credits, from best boy to gaffer.

Don’t worry, there are no Tenet spoilers here.

But there is a reason to stick around, even if it’s not a Tenet post-credits scene: described as the “final piece of the puzzle” by the director himself, the movie’s official song, “The Plan” by Travis Scott, starts playing over the credits.

It’s the only time you’ll hear it in the entire runtime, for starters, and you might want to listen out closely for the lyrics. If you’ve already heard the song, they’ll take on a whole new meaning once you’ve spent time with Tenet. Nolan was really out there sneaking (mild) spoilers on to Spotify.

With moviegoing audiences conditioned to waiting through the credits, it means you can also take in just how many people aside from Christopher Nolan were involved in making things tick in the time inverted thriller. Which is always nice.

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