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The first Tenet reactions are in: "Twice as confusing as Inception"

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The first Tenet reactions are here: the kneejerk responses, gut feelings, and OTT social media opinions are always the highlight of any major opening, but perhaps more so now given Christopher Nolan’s time-bending epic won’t open in the United States until September.

With that in mind, these Tenet reactions are going to be spoiler-free glimpses of what to expect for those who want to see Tenet. The feedback has run the whole gamut of emotions too: disappointment, awe, wonder, and people already deciding how high it lands on Nolan’s oeuvre.

Are you ready? Last chance if you want to go in blind: this is what the internet makes of Tenet. So far.

Christopher Nolan “at his best”

The debate on whether this is Christopher Nolan’s best work will likely rumble well into next year. Twitter is similarly divided, with many praising the technical aspects on show as best-in-class.

Is Tenet confusing? The response is mixed

Tenet is confusing. It’s worth knowing that going in. For some, that adds an extra layer of intrigue which drives the plot forward and adds extra spice to the many, many set-pieces in store. For others, it makes Inception look like child’s play – not always a good thing.

Praise for the cast, including a “duo for the ages”

With a cast this good, Nolan almost couldn’t miss. Still, it’s reassuring to know John David Washington gives a star-making performance, ably backed by Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh.

The name’s Bond, Tenet Bond

It’s hard to shake (not stir) the comparisons to a certain 00-agent. If you need anymore convincing, according to the audiences this is about as close as we’re likely to get to Chris Nolan being handed the reins of a Bond movie.

Not everyone enjoyed Tenet

Not to end on a downer but there’s a vocal sub-section of the internet who was disappointed with Tenet. Here’s a selection of those who didn’t enjoy it as much as maybe some others.

Tenet is in cinemas now in the UK, and comes to US theatres on September 4. For more, read our huge on-set feature, with interviews from Nolan and the cast.

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