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Tekken 7's new Jack has been revealed! Watch him punch people through walls

There's an odd design logic to Tekken's characters. Yoshimitsu, who is at least partly organic and a single character, can be redesigned as a squid without a second thought, but Jack - most often the prototype for a brand new line of Mishima war robots - must always look like a Gears of War character crossed with this bird.

If I were designing him, he'd look like a toaster with arms and legs that could fire out whole other robots from his massive bread slots. As it is, Jack-7 gets a pink mohawk and some neon detailing. Here he is punching a woman in the name of sport, or revenge, or whatever Tekken's about these days:

As with Yoshimitsu, his moveset looks pretty familiar - long arm sweeps and powerful kicks from his adorably tiny legs make up the bulk of the list, same as it ever was. No word yet on whether he will cart ladies about on his shoulders this time.