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Swap your old sci-fi videogames with new online service

74 million videogames sit unused in homes across the UK - one young entrepreneur wants to change that

The pre-owned games market these days is something that many high street stores are cashing in on - and even games publishers like EA are eying up opportunities (charging money to get online with preowned games, for example). But unfortunately many second hand games on the shelves cost as much as £30. Fancy picking up somebody's Assassin's Creed 2? That’ll be £25 please . But here's one solution: a new, rapidly-growing online trading site has launched and - as you can tell from the name - the idea is to explode the expensive wall of pre-owned games.

Jess explains how she came to set up the business at just 20 years old: "I'm working with Find Invest Grow. Its CEO James King came to speak at my university and it was there that I first raised my idea; he suggested I use their website, which provides tools to analyse business ideas. I analysed my idea and was then invited to meet James again - he liked the idea and came on as a director."

Currently the pre-owned games market has 12.4 million people buying and trading old and new games. But at £30 a pop, its just the same as buying it brand new. Selling old games can also be a problem - some high street stores might give you a fiver for a good Xbox game. On average, the casual gamer has 10 or more videogames lying around at home, collecting dust and getting neglected, so if you really want to get your money's worth or swap your cutesy old platformer for a sci-fi shooter, then it might be worth looking into .

This story compiled by SFX's current work experience lad Edo Minnott. Thanks to Jess Ratcliffe for the quotes and information. Visit the gaming section of our forum to chat with other sci-fi videogamers.