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Superbowl spots arrive for Furious 7, Terminator Genisys and Tomorrowland: watch now

While Jurassic World’s new footage may have stolen the headlines, there were a host of other TV spots unveiled at yesterday’s Superbowl, with new looks at Terminator Genisys, Furious 7 and Tomorrowland among the highlights.

As might have been predicted, Furious 7’s latest offering serves up more of the same adrenaline-soaked mayhem (Statham! Flying cars!), while Tomorrowland’s tease was as enigmatic as we’ve come to expect from Brad Bird’s secrecy-clad film.

Meanwhile, Terminator Genisys teases a “new threat”, with the debut of a new kind of Terminator, boasting a souped-up exoskeleton, that’s less, well, skeletal than we’ve come to expect.

Take a look at the new spots, below…

Our favourite of the bunch? Probably Furious 7. There’s just something about the Superbowl that sits perfectly alongside Vin Diesel driving a supercar out of a plane. Synergy…

Furious 7 will open in the UK and US on 3 April 2015. Tomorrowland will open in the UK and US on 22 May 2015. Terminator Genisys will open in the States on 1 July 2015 and the UK two days later.

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