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Star Treks next trailer is here!

The brand new trailer for JJ Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek has arrived looking shiny and impressive.

The current release looks distinctly unofficial, since it was originally supposed to debut in front of Watchmen, but we’ll update you with the full HD release once it arrives.

Yes, there’s still plenty o f the greatest hits footage (Kirk driving up on his cycle to the shipyards where the Enterprise is being built, the dive to the laser weapon platform), but there are also plenty of fresh material, including Kirk taking the captain’s chair for the first time and a certain planet (we won’t name it for fear of spoilers) imploding.

Oh, and we properly glimpse Kirk’s mother –played by House’s Jennifer Morrison – taking delivery of her newly-minted son.

The big highlight has got to be snatches of Michael Giacchino’s score, which is already raising debate online – it either rocks or sounds too much like The Dark Knight. We vote for “suitably epicâ€.

Though we hope they work in Alexander Courage’s famous theme too.

Check it out below, then give us your impressions in the comments…