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Sofia Coppola for Breaking Dawn?

Here’s a story that smacks of wishful thinking.

Summit Entertainment, the guys and gals behind that vampire series of flicks, the Twilight something, have approached Sofia Coppola, Gus Van Sant and Bill Condon with offers to direct the final act in the fang-chise, Breaking Dawn .

Okay, stop laughing. No, seriously.

Now, we can’t deny that we’d love to see what Van Sant would do with the material (vampirism as an allegory for drug abuse, anybody?), but we’re pretty sure his assistant will have laughed down the phone at Summit. Or at least immediately hung up assuming it was a prank call.

Coppola, meanwhile... Now, she’s a tantalising prospect. Having just wrapped up Somewhere , which stars Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning as estranged father and daughter, she’ll have a freed up schedule.

And Coppola’s calling hard for her first three features was female teens on the brink (of suicide, of loneliness, of sanity), which makes Twilight an interesting fit.

Still, we assume Coppola’s phone is ringing with far more enticing offers.

Bill Condon’s no stranger to drama, either, having helmed Dreamgirls and Kinsey . But he’s an unlikely choice (especially considering the studio went uber-safe with New Moon and hired Chris Weitz), meaning he’ll probably pass up the opportunity to direct.

Will any of these three take up the offer? Highly unlikely – Coppola and Van Sant aren’t exactly known for being mainstream, while Condon’s happy making The Song Is You . Still, can’t blame Summit for trying.

Who do you want to direct the final Twilight flick(s)?