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E3 Rumor: Smash Bros. and Street Fighter finally cross over

Call it a spoiled E3 Ryu-veal: Leaked videos show a prominent Street Fighter character joining Super Smash Bros, likely as downloadable content, along with returning Fire Emblem hero, Roy.

Ryu's trailer, posted by Youtube user TripleXero and linked on gaming forum NeoGAF, shows him savaging Nintendo's poor sandbag and connecting with Greninja in a fierce hurricane kick. It also looks like his smash is followed by a horizontal smear of black ink, in the same style of Street Fighter 4.

Fire Emblem's Roy, shown in a separate video from Memescreen, brandishes a flaming sword and a nearly imperceptible relief that there's no permadeath in Smash Bros. (that he knows of).

Nintendo hasn't said anything regarding Ryu and Roy's distribution, price or release date, and will likely stay silent until its E3-themed Nintendo Direct on Sunday. Going by prior announcements, though, Ryu and Roy may be coming to both Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros, and with matching Amiibos.

Meanwhile, ardent Sega fans are just one typo away from having Ryu, Roy and Shenmue's Ryo in the same game.

Ludwig Kietzmann
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