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Skyrim Word Wall location and Shout guide

Greywater Gorge

Word: Fire Breath
Southeast of Rorikstead, located inside Sunderstone Gorge

Honestly I’m not quite sure why this location is called Greywater Gorge when you’re given the quest to go in but yet the location itself is called Sunderstone Gorge. Glitch perhaps? In either case this is a very short, very simple dungeon that only has one major threat: traps. There are a few traps that can level you in one good shot especially if you’re low level. Since this is one of the words you should get early on due to how powerful Fire Breath is it’s possible for one misstep to drop your health low enough that a paltry skeleton does you in. Although if you watch your step this really shouldn’t be an issue so in you go.

Hag’s End

Word: Slow Time
In the mountains west and slightly south of Solitude

Hag’s End is fairly tricky to get to since it requires that you pass through Deepwood Redoubt to even reach the second location. This is because the entrance to Hag’s End is actually inside of a mountain valley called Deepwood Vale that is only accessible via the Deepwood Redoubt exit. The first area is fairly short although it has a large number of Forsworn in it but Deepwood Vale is where the big throw down is. There are a whole lot of enemies here attacking from all sides making this area a huge pain in the rear for anyone who doesn’t have a particular end game shout. That is used in the below video as a word of warning to any who are allergic to minor spoilers.

Hags End itself consists of a few rooms where you will fight a single Hag and her witch allies. The Hag will flee every time you take off 1/4th of her health. You only need to defeat her three times to get to the word wall as the last fight occurs on a balcony just past the word wall. The witches are weak and since she retreats before taking too much damage this whole area is a huge relief after the brawl that ensued in Deepwood Vale previously.

High Gate Ruins

Word: Storm Call
East of Solitude in the frozen north

This one is fairly easy to get to but it can be dangerous for a low level character to explore. The frozen north of Skyrim is largely uninhabited but the bears and sabre cats can tear weak characters apart if you happen to run into them. Once you’re actually inside of the ruin things get considerably easier as the enemies are leveled for you but to make things easier there’s a woman named Anska inside needing your help. If you agree to help her retrieve a scroll she will follow you around casting spells to aid you. Her aid, alongside a companion, makes this area almost trivially easy regardless of your level.

The one thing to keep in mind is that the boss of this area is genuinely difficult unless you have a very high fire resistance. Vokun, the Dragon Priest boss of these ruins, uses very powerful fire spells that can tear through your health rapidly. If you don’t have a high fire resistance nor a lot of hit points these fireballs will murder you in short order. The solution to this is to stay away from your follower and Anska so that they draw his fire attacks and then either snipe at him or run in and attack him, retreating only when your health gets critical.

Ironbind Barrow

Word: Become Ethereal
Northwest of Whiterun in the mountains southeast of Dawnstar

Just outside of Ironbind Barrow you will find two adventurers, Salma and Beem-Ja. Salma, the strong warrior in heavy armor, can more than handle herself against the various enemies in this dungeon. Beem-Ja will stay at a distance from those enemies while firing lightning blasts at them so he helps deal damage from a range. If you have a follower of your own it’s possible to just steamroll right through this dungeon as a veritable army of death to the vermin and Draugr that populate this place.

This isn’t really one of the greatest Shouts in the game but it definitely has its uses. With it you can dodge dungeon traps by simply not taking damage from them or totally avoid all damage from a high fall. But other than that it’s nothing all that special especially in comparison to some of the other Shouts out there.

Killkreath Ruins

Word: Elemental Fury
In the mountains to the west of Solitude

Dragon Roost. This one is kind of difficult to find as it’s tucked away within the mountains west of Solitude. The easiest way to get there is after you have Meridia’s Beacon, starting up her daedric quest. The Beacon is found inside of a random chest in the world after you pass level 10 and as soon as you have it you’re pointed straight to this location.

Korvanjund Halls

Word: Slow Time
Mountains southeast of Dawnstar

Korvanjund is a central location to the civil war sub-plot and regardless of who you side with this location must be visited. When you do come here it will be with a high ranking member of your faction as well as a large number of soldiers so combat in this place won’t really be an issue. For the most part you’re just going to be following these dopes around, letting them die in your stead and occasionally finding the way further into the dungeon for them. It’s an easy but long trip.

And while the video doesn’t show it yes that Draugr Death Overlord will rise up from its seat and attempt to tear your collective behinds apart. With the support of your allies it shouldn’t be too hard to defeat him and his backup but you might want to be careful anyways.


Word: Slow Time
In the mountain range southeast of Morthal

Out of all the dungeons in the game Labyrinthian is one of the most painful. To even get inside you’re going to have to join the Mages College in Winterhold and advance the quest line until you unlock the “Staff of Magnus” quest. At this point the quest marker will be placed on your map and, more importantly, you’re given the key to actually get inside of Labyrinthian as opposed to just wandering the surface or going into Shalidor’s Maze.

With the key in hand we can now enter the dungeon but the reward for getting inside is one of the tougher dungeons in the game. Starting off with a fight against a large group of skeletons and a Skeletal Dragon, an undead beast that uses both fire and ice breath and has all the resistances of a dragon and undead, it only goes downhill from there. The various Draugr encountered through this place tend to be tougher than what you might encounter in other dungeons at your level so expect a lot of Shouts to be coming your way. Topping all of that off are the spectral Draugr who use unique weapons that drain either health, magicka or stamina in addition to being tougher than regular Draugr of their type. Good luck!

Be careful while adventuring in this dungeon as there are a number of traps, both magical and physical. The worst are the spell runes that wait to surprise you although you can sometimes draw enemies into them killing two problems with one boom.

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