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Silent Hill Downpour Mystery locations guide

Town (Pearl Creek)

10: Door note:

After climbing the ladder and cross the precarious beams to get over the gorge on Lansdale Ave, you will enter an apartment building. Take the stairs to the top floor and head down the hall. You will come to a door that has a note on it.

11: Newspaper Clipping:

Once you have left the apartment building, head north to Brite st. and go right. Just past the newspaper box on the corner, you will find this newspaper clipping about the prison riots on the ground.

12: Envelope:

At the very north end of Laymond Ave., there will be a split in the road and a blockade. This letter can be found on the right side of the street just before the barriers.

13: Mothers Note:

Once you get the ribbons Side Quest, go to the corner of Lansdale Ave. and Brite St. to find a lunch box sitting on the ground in front of a pole. Inside will be a note that explains how you can find the daughter by following the ribbon color on the streets.

14: Extortion Letter:

When you enter the Art Gallery (just west on Cook St. down the alley there) head down the hall to the second door on the left. Inside will be an office with a couch and a desk. On the arm of the couch, you will find this extortion letter about a piece of art.

15: Appraisal Letter:

In the same office as the Extortion Letter, you can find this note on the desk.

16: Offer Letter:

At the end of the hall from the two previous mystery items, you will find a room full of paintings. Look on the bar where the cash register is, and to the right of it, you will find this letter.

Centennial Building

17: Parole Letter:

Go through Logan Park and stick to the left side to come out to the street. When you reach it, go through the door on the left side and you will take this letter from the door as a cutscene plays.

18: Internal Memo:

After you exit the door after the cutscene, you will now be in the Centennial Building. Make your way around to the parking garage and head to the left side to find the police car. Open the passenger door and you’ll find the memo on the seat.

19: State Prison Memo:

After you have taken the lift out of the Centennial Building’s garage and entered the archives, follow them around until you go through a door and enter a large library. Move forward until the ceiling comes down and then go left and then make your way to the right. If you have the UV light, follow the white splotches on the ground. If not, just follow the right side to the back corner to find the memo on the desk there.

20: Employee Review:

When on the second floor of the library, the will be a vault door at the rear with a roman numeral lock. Use the code IX, VI, I, to enter and then check the book in the far corner for the memo.

21: Envelopes:

When you enter room 105 (which you need the security card from 104 to do) there will be a bunch of envelopes on the desk. Arrange them in the right fashion, and you will receive the code as a mystery. (The above image is from doing the puzzle on hard.)

22: Doctor Ad:

Enter room 204 and before climbing to the third floor, take this off the desk in the corner.

23: Psyche Report:

When you enter the Mayor’s office- room 200- the report is located in the cabinet against the wall. Open the drawer and learn more about the mysterious pedo.