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SFX Hot Topic: Ghostbusters

It's been the most talked about film of the summer, the movie that sent social media into a meltdown - now it's finally in cinemas and we want to hear what you make of the female-fronted Ghostbusters reboot!

So strap on your proton packs and give us your opinions on this controversial new take on the '80s classic. Did it deliver? Did it disappoint? Was it better than the buzz suggested - or did you always have faith in Paul Feig's vision?

Email your thoughts to, using the subject line HOT TOPIC: GHOSTBUSTERS. Alternatively you can post a comment below, tweet us at @SFXmagazine (using the hashtag #SFXhottopic), or join us on Facebook. We’ll pick the best comments to appear in the letters page of SFX 278.

You don’t just have to get in touch about the new Ghostbusters, of course – we also want to know what you make of all the Star Wars news that came out of Celebration at the weekend. And maybe you have some thoughts on that oh so explosive Game of Thrones finale, now that you've recovered from the shock and bloodshed? Write in now and you could see your opinions immortalised in print!