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SFX 250 PREVIEW! Mila Kunis Talks Jupiter Ascending

Channing Tatum is “like a real-life superhero” she tells SFX in the new issue

Being a movie star sounds dangerous, if you believe Mila Kunis. Talking about the Wachowskis’ new film, Jupiter Ascending , the actress details a pretty sticky situation that she and male lead Channing Team ended up in, when the two were strapped into harnesses filming a high-speed chase scene.

“There was a point where we were filming in the middle of Chicago in the streets, and we were in one harness and the camera was in a different harness. And because you can’t control where you’re going – the harness shoots you really quickly and you’re flying – I was going headfirst into the camera.

But it’s not all adrenaline rushes. Doing your own stunts comes at a price. “You’re so bruised and battered by the end of the day you really can’t feel your own ribs,” Kunis elaborates.

“Does it feel good to face your fears and jump 80 feet from a crane? Yes. Would I do it again? Noooo… I’ve done it, I’m good.”

Read more about this movie in the new issue of SFX , on sale Wednesday 25 June. It's our big issue 250 ! Jupiter Ascending crashes into cinemas Friday 6 February 2015.