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Sexiest hands in gaming

You probably don't know anyone who is a hand model as they tend to keep ita secret. You can tell by seeing how many receipts for 'manicure', 'pumice' and 'Adobe Photoshop' you find in their bin.

They're all over gaming's press shots, doing their sexy thing. But let's see why you need them first.

See that? Without a hand model, your product just lies on the ground. That's no good, is it? You need something like this:

Theproduct now has a human touch - quite literally. But see how that safety cord graces that wrist. How thecontroller is gripped gently yet firmly by this feminine hand. That's sexy, right there.

BUT WAIT! Female hands alone cannot always be hand models. Observe:

Above: Sony PSP press photo showing a real life girl

She's pretty, isn't she? But you can tell she's a regular model model and not a hand model by a few telling blemishes when you look closely. Hand models would not allow their registered tools of trade to become so... ramshackle.

See? We haven't doctored that image at all. This is what real hands are like. These are not hand model hands. So FAIL.

Of course, there are ways around this:

You can use Photoshop to remove all blemishes. Note of caution however - while this can even add in missing fingers if done correctly, it can also create hands that do not look like real hands, as this Wii Vitality Sensor hand model has discovered.

So you need to find a happy medium.

That's more like it. Don't you wish you were that Wii Vitality Sensor? Of course, Nintendo isn't alone in knowing how to use a good hand model. Apple knows their value as its website will attest:

But again, while the hand itself is realisticly rugged-looking, that thumbnail is so blatantly airbrushed, it way as well advertise itself as a glamour model and have done with it.

So those are the imitators. Let's see the pros in action. It's what we're all here for after all.

Above: Would GBAMicro have sold so well if it wasn't for those nails?

Above: That's the stuff. Look at those curves. That blemish-free skin. Those are the kind of hands you could eat for breakfast while playing DS. Am I right?

Above: Delicate fingers for a delicate machine. Phwoar, eh? PHWOARR!!!

And the most perfect hands, nails and skin goes to... Wii-mote cond... I mean 'jacket'hand model girl! Bravo indeed. Here she is.

But don't clap too hard, you'll damage your hands. There's a lot of money in this line of work, y'know.Probably.

25 Mar, 2010

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