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Read Four Extracts From Marcus Sedgwick's The Ghosts Of Heaven

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Read not just one, but four extracts from Marcus Sedgwick's new novel

Marcus Sedgwick , award-winning author of Floodland and Midwinterblood, has taken an extremely novel approach to new novel The Ghosts Of Heaven, an incredible tale of the path of infinity throughout the ages.Focused around the spiral, a never-ending symbol that has no end, and the effect it has on our lives, the book's written in four quarters. Those four quarters can be read in any order and still work – that means 24 different ways to experience the story!

There are four extracts from The Ghost Of Heaven accessible here, each taken from a different quarter of the book. Just click on this link and you will be taken to one of the four extracts. At the end of the extract you'll return to the landing page, where you can click to read another extract, and discover your own path for your own reading experience.

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