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Razer mice, keyboards, and more going on sale for up to 40% off on Prime Day 2018

***Sorry - these deals are finished. But here's our guide to Amazon Prime Day deals***

Sure, you've already got the beefiest, speediest, best gaming PC sitting at home, ready to run anything and everything you throw at it - but don't neglect your accessories, my friend. Mice, keyboards, and headsets all play an important part in having the best gaming PC experience, and in that field there are few companies as beloved as Razer.

And lucky you, a bunch of Razer gaming PC accessories will be on sale this Monday, July 16, as part of Amazon Prime Day 2018. Note: the following deals are only available in the US and Canada.

If it's a keyboard you're after, the BlackWidow X Chroma Mercury Edition (normally $149.99) will be available for up to 24% off. If you prefer to go one-handed (or just like having 20 programmable keys at your fingertips for all those macros and fast responses you need), the Orbweaver Chroma - Elite RGB Mechanical Gaming Keypad (normally $129.99) will also be on sale for up to 24% off.

Three different mice will also be receiving deep discounts. The most basic of these, the DeathAdder Elite Ergonomic Gaming Mouse (normally $69.99) will be going for up to 33% off, while the Lancehead Tournament Edition Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse (normally $79.99) will be available for up to 40% off, and the Mamba Tournament Edition (normally $89.99) will be up to 35% off. All three mice feature Razer Synapse so you can save your sensitivity settings (both to the mouse itself as well as in the cloud) and personalize your colors.

Razer PC headsets are some of the most flashy and loud, "look at me" headsets in all of gaming. Thankfully, they also do their job of providing you high-quality audio and letting you chat with your friends pretty darn well. So it's good news that the entry-level Kraken 7.1 V2  Mercury Edition Digital Gaming Headset (normally $99.99) will be up to 26% off, the mid-level Tiamat 2.2 V2 Analog Gaming Headset (normally $129.99) will be up to 27% off, and the high-grade ManO'War -  Wireless PC Gaming Headset (normally $169.99) will be up to 37% off come Prime Day 2018.

Lastly, we've got two deals that will be available just for those of us stateside: The most intriguing is the Portal Router, a mesh wi-fi device specifically tuned for wireless online gaming, which would normally cost $129.99, but will be going for up to 27% off. And if you want power in your pocket, the Razer Phone, a super-powerful Android mobile device that would normally run you $669.99, will be discounted up to 25% off, which is probably the best deal we'll see on such a device for awhile.

These deals aren't live yet, but are sure to go fast once Amazon Prime Day 2018 begins, so I suggest bookmarking any deals that appeal to you and be ready to swoop in first thing Monday morning.

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