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Ray Fisher will play Cyborg in Batman vs. Superman

Broadway star Ray Fisher has joined the cast of Batman vs. Superman , with Variety revealing that he will appear in the forthcoming film as Cyborg.

For non-fans of the comic-books, Cyborg is the alter-ego of Victor Stone, the son of a pair of scientists who used him as a guinea pig for their various experiments.

When one of said experiments went badly wrong, Stone was critically wounded, and only revived by being kitted out with a host of bionic prostheses.

Fisher's casting confirms the rumour that Zack Snyder was looking to cast a black superhero for the production, while Henry Cavill had also made noises that he would like to see Cyborg in the forthcoming sequel.

Variety reports that Cyborg will appear in a minor role in Batman vs. Superman , before getting a good deal more screen time in the Justice League movie, whenever that eventually arrives.

Directed by Snyder and co-starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg, Batman vs. Superman will open in the UK on 6 May 2016.

George Wales
George is GR's resident movie news person, based out of London. He understands that all men must die, but he'd rather not think about it.