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PS5 start-up screen may have debuted during the Future of Gaming event

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Sony may have snuck a preview of the PS5 start-up into its Future of Gaming event on June 11. 

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The 13-second clip appeared somewhere in the middle of the show, and no one would blame you if you missed it (I know I did), especially amongst the ambient, shifting shapes and objects that were ultimately teasing the PS5 design reveal. In some cases, it was just a brief filler clip to tide you over until the next game reveal, but in the case of this specific vid, we may have seen the PS5 UI and start-up screen.

The clip begins with the same "See important health and safety warnings in the Settings menu" message that displays when the PS4 starts up, before transitioning into a collection of shifting particles lit up by rays of light. This could be a nice visual sample of the PS5's ray tracing ability.  Then "press the PS Button on your controller" pops up while a PlayStation logo pulses in the center of shimmering particles and the sound of string instruments gently swell before a single, short tone plays. I'm assuming someone pressed the PS Button. 

Again, it was an easy thing to miss considering the PS5 Future of Gaming event confirmed Horizon: Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Resident Evil 8: Village, and so much more. Plus, the console itself was finally revealed, alongside the slightly-slimmer PS5 Digital Edition. It was a lot to take in over an hour period, and I bet we'll be unpacking it all for quite some time. 

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