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Pokemon Sun / Moon trailer introduces seven new pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon won't be a case of "same faces, different places." The upcoming 3DS games will feature a new selection of adorable pockets monsters, and The Pokemon Company has decided to show off seven of them in a new trailer: 

The trailer may be in Japanese, but fan site Serebii reports that it knows the critters' names. In order of appearance, their names and types are: Tapukoko (Electric/Fairy), Charjabug (Bug/Electric), Vikavolt (Bug/Electric), Drampa (Normal/Dragon), Bruxish (Water/Psychic), Cutiefly (Bug/Fairy), and Togedemaru (Electric/Steel).

We'll learn more about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on Saturday, July 2 on 9am Eastern / 2pm BST. In the meantime, which is your favorite?

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Sam Prell
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