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Play Bloodborne, drink beer, win gaming prizes at our Remote Play event in London

Fancy an evening of free drinks, snazzy new tech and brutal competition? It’s a rhetorical question, because of course you do. That’s why you should stride to our Remote Play event in association with Sony. Not only is it an awesome opportunity to test your courage in PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne, but you’ll also get the chance to try out Sony’s latest kit - the Xperia Z3 series and its excellent Remote Play feature. Best of all, you could win some fantastic prizes in the process!

Taking place at Altitude, London on April 14th, it’s a great chance to play some great games and experience the incredible tech warlockery of Remote Play. By connecting your Xperia device to a DualShock 4 controller you get your very own handheld gaming hub. This means you can play PlayStation 4 games anywhere in the house, so you’ll be too busy battling nightmarish hordes to fight over the TV!

We’re calling it Bloodborne Survivor Series; like the wrestling, then, but with reduced focus on having spectacular abs. Your task will be to last as long as possible in Bloodborne’s world of twisted monsters and violently deranged inhabitants - and if you’ve played From Software’s Dark Souls, you’ll understand why we picked that as our challenge. We’ll be giving prizes away for the person who lasts the longest, and consolatory hugs for anyone who dies in the first minute. On top of that, there’s also free food and drink, plentiful PlayStation 4s with a selection of the best current and upcoming games, goodie bags and the chance to catch up with the editors from your favourite gaming magazines and websites. And hey; if you’ve got spectacular abs, you’re very welcome as well.

If you’re feeling brave and competitive (or just hungry and thirsty), pop along. The event will take place at Altitude in London from 7:00pm to 10:00pm on April 14th. Over 18s only, sorry, as is the law when it comes to adult games and moderate-but-not-excessive consumption of alcohol. RSVP on Facebook and find out more on our event page.

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