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Outland Mark of the Gods Achievement Guide

The Jungle

Jungle: Jungle Lowlands – 1 Mark

5. Upon opening the gate in this level you will be trying to dodge an arc of blue bullets by using three small ledges. Get onto the elevator to the left, riding it up to the top. Go around the ledges to the right and drop down to get the Mark from atop the island here.

Jungle: The Cursed Forest – 2 Marks

6. You will gain the Light Energy in this level. This allows you access to blue platforms and is the key to getting out of the level. After getting the energy backtrack to the very beginning of the stage past the first set of two blue platforms and stopping when you see the second set. Climb these up and then follow the platforms here, avoiding the Dark Crawlers to reach the Mark on the upper right.

7. Go back to the first set of blue platforms you encountered. Jump past the stream of dark energy and fall down into the pit just beyond. There are two Dark Spiders here you can either fight or avoid. Drop down to the lowest level to find a bunch of dark streams you must dodge and a last spider standing between you and the Mark.

Jungle: Jungle Highlands

Nothing here is accessible as of now. We have to return here later to get any of the Marks.

Jungle: Above the Canopy – 1 Mark

8. When you reach the highest point of the level you will pass a teleporter and then drop down to a checkpoint. To your right is a path of blue platforms that will try to drive you into spikes below or above you. After you jump past the first two you reach a trio of platforms over a spike pit. Jump to the third and final platform and then leap to the right wall, wall jumping your way to the top where the Mark is hidden.

Jungle: Jungle Highlands / Boss: The Golem

No Marks are accessible in the Highlands as before and there are no Marks near the Boss.

Origins: Crossroads of the World – 1 Mark

9. After defeating the Golem you will be returned to the Crossroads of the World. Go to the right, dropping down the pit here. As you go to the left you will see a breakable floor – shatter it and go all the way down to the right to find this Mark.

With that Mark in hand you can either double back to the Jungle to get the rest of the collectibles that you missed or you can just go to the next area. By defeating the next boss you will acquire the Teleport skill which makes getting around much easier. This guide assumes that you’re waiting for the Teleport skill.