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The Old Republic beta brought in 2 million players

Star Wars: The Old Republic might not be out for a few more weeks, but that hasn't stopped EA and BioWare's upcoming MMO from putting up some impressive numbers. The beta alone has pulled in over 2 million testers, helping the game's beta become what EA is calling "one of the biggest beta tests in history."

This number is actually on top of the 2.4 million that already registered for the beta before, proving what we already knew: there are a lot of people really excited for The Old Republic. And according to EA, the 2 million players in question seem to have enjoyed their time long enough to... play a whole bunch. Over 9 million hours were logged over the holiday weekend, with the average player clocking in at an extremely impressive 12 hours. Sure, 12 hours might sound like a drop in the bucket when compared to how many hours players usually put into an MMO, but with games like Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, and Zelda all coming out around the same time, those were 12 valuable hours the average player spent in The Old Republic, especially considering that it's time that is going to be wiped away once the developers reboot the servers in time for the game's December 20 launch.

Not that any of this is all that surprising, but it's still good news for those looking forward to the game. MMOs need to draw in big numbers in the first few years, and, from the looks of it, The Old Republic isn't going to have any problem bringing a few million people into the world.

Did anyone spend their Thanksgiving weekend in The Old Republic? If so, let us know what you think! We're dying to hear about your adventures in the Star Wars universe.

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