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No Man's Sky patch on the way to fix 90% of PS4 crash issues

Hello Games has been hard at work on updates for both the PS4 and PC versions of No Man's Sky. Who knew that an infinite universe would require so much constant attention? The latest patch on PS4, 1.06 if numbers are your thing, will fix 90% of PS4 crash issues and is currently in testing for a release later this week. As you can see from the below Tweets, there's been no shortage of updates over the last week.   

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The bug fixes are coming thick and fast but new features for No Man's Sky are on the way too. That's only after everyone is exploring a stable world on both PS4 and PC though, and another tweet from Hello Games says "we obviously won't stop until these issues are 100% resolved." There are apparently other fixes and improvements in the patches too so everything is being constantly updated. If you've just started and are looking for the tutorial that the game never actually gives you, check out our No Man's Sky tips

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