No Man's Sky still wheeling out bug fixes but new features are coming next

No Man's Sky's latest 1.05 update has just gone live on PS4. It weighs in at tiny 35mb and, so far, is secret - listing only 'bug fixes'. 

However, check the PC patch notes and there's a little more info. Most of it is hardware based, listing graphic card glitches and thread performance, so not PS4 related but there are a few mentions of specific game issues and the most recent patch lists things like this being fixed: 

  • If you died in your ship while in atmosphere of a planet with a damaged ship, you could respawn in a space station with your launch thrusters and pulse engine damaged. If you did not have the resources to fix them then you could no longer take off and be stuck there. This will no longer happen.
  • As the player gathers a huge amount of discoveries, there was a threading issue that becomes more prevalent the more discoveries you have, and could cause the game to crash.
  • If you had collected a large number of blueprints, in a specific order it was possible to crash the game when you received a new blueprint. This has been fixed.
  • Players who set a large number of waypoints could find themselves in a situation where they could crash the game in the Galactic Map, this is remedied now (PS. A better waypoint system is coming).

Hello Games' co-founder Sean Murray has tweeted that customer support is the priority at the moment, with new features to be added after that. 

While that doesn't give us a timescale we already have an idea what's on the way with No Man's Sky's new features including promises like base building and the chance to pilot those huge cargo carriers you're always flying past. 

Considering just how much the day one patch changed the game, the potential for further updates to radically alter things further could be huge. 

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