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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's two paid subscriptions detailed by Nintendo


Nintendo has properly announced the two subscription services detailed in the original story below. The details we provided earlier are accurate, but now we know how much the two plans will cost, as well as some additional specifics.

The two membership plans will cost $2.99 (roughly £2) and $7.99 (£6), respectively. The cheaper plan is called the Happy Helper Plan (opens in new tab) and gives you a caretaker to handle some of the more tedious tasks involved with maintaining your campsite. You can pick any of the animals you've met so far to help you with filling animal requests and collecting event items.

The $8/£6 is called the Cookie & Depot Plan, rewarding you with five free fortune cookies per month and expanded in-game storage space. Both plans promise shorter crafting times and access to the subscription-exclusive Pocket Camp Club Journal.

Original story: 

A new paid membership service is reportedly coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (opens in new tab), Pocket Camp Club.

Though Nintendo has yet to formally announce the plan, ResetEra user ZeoVGM (opens in new tab) shared a number of snapshots reportedly outlining the new service and what it entails (thanks, NintendoLife (opens in new tab)), including confirmation that the Club will launch on November 21, 2019, and offer two membership tiers.

"In one plan, you'll be able to appoint one lucky animal as your camp caretaker and get some extra help around the campsite," states a screenshot of an in-game announcement informing players of the service. "In the other plan, you'll be able to receive fortune cookies and store your furniture and clothing items in warehouses."

(Image credit: Nintendo via ResetEra)

With promises of a reveal video releasing on November 20, 2019, we should know soon precisely what the subscriptions include and how much they'll cost, although it's fair to presume the price structure may ape that of Nintendo's other mobile subscription service, Mario Kart Tour (opens in new tab), which offers a Gold Pass for $5/£5 per month.

The news comes as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp prepares to celebrate its second anniversary with gifts (opens in new tab), including limited-time "2nd anniversary-themed costumes and special furniture from Giovanni". 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (opens in new tab), the next mainline game in the village life series, was announced at E3 2019. It revamps the series by letting you design a town of your own on a deserted island. It's set to launch in March of 2020. 

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