Mario Kart Tour's next stop is Paris

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We've already raced through NYC and Tokyo, but Mario Kart Tour's next stop has a distinctly European flair to it as it stops off to take in the City of Lights itself – Paris, France. 

As teased on the game's social media channels, events kick off at 10 pm PT on November 5th, 2019 (that's 6 am on the morning of November 6th in the UK). For now, Nintendo's being coy about what, precisely, will be up for grabs, but going on the prior limited-time tours, you should probably expect a bevvy of new unlockable items and a new character variant. This time around, it's Peach who gets a snazzy new outfit.

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"Rev your engine and take a ride through the City of Lights when the Paris tour starts in #MarioKartTour!" Nintendo said via its official Twitter account. "The scenery looks like it could be hanging in The Louvre!

"In the next tour, Peach is dressed to relax, but that won't slow her down! This princess likes to put in time on the tracks even when she's on vacation!"

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As Connor explained a little while back, Mario Kart Tour is a "free-to-start" game, but it uses gacha-style collection mechanics that let players pay for more chances to unlock the stuff they want, such as new drivers, karts, and gliders. 

On top of that, you can subscribe for a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription that enables extra in-game rewards and additional goals to complete, but people were a little surprised when it transpired that you'd also need a subscription even if you want to play in the highest-end 200cc ranks.

Although it only debuted in September, Mario Kart World is already one of Nintendo's biggest mobile games… so don't expect this world tour to end any time soon.

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