The best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle deals 2019

best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle deals

Deals for Nintendo’s handheld are becoming harder to find, so we’ve done you a solid by gathering the best Nintendo 2DS XL bundles here. If you haven’t invested in one yet, we’d recommend doing so; Pokémon, Super Mario, Mario Kart and more make this console a blast when you’re on the go. This list is regularly updated too, so make sure you pop back every now and then for more bargains.

Best deal today

New Nintendo 2DS XL (Blue/Black) with Mario Kart is $149.99 at Walmart
Nintendo's standard deal is still one of the best.

But what makes the New 2DS XL worth your time in the first place? And how is it different to other 2DS or 3DS models? While it lacks 3D capabilities, this version can still play every 3DS game without issue (not that you’ll miss 3D anyway). Additionally, the ‘new’ in its title refers to a bonus thumbstick that’ll provide greater control in some games. Finally, it steps away from the tablet-like appearance of the older 2DS by bringing back a clamshell design. Oh, and the screens are bigger. All this - not to mention years’ worth of awesome games - make the best Nintendo 2DS XL bundles a good investment.

Want to know what you should play on your new console? Take a look at the best 3DS games to find out.


New Nintendo 2DS XL (Blue/Black) with Mario Kart is $149.99 at Walmart
Grab the console with one of its best games already installed for less than $150.View Deal

New Nintendo 2DS XL (Orange/White) with Mario Kart is $149.99 at Best Buy
Prefer something a little brighter? Here's the same bundle as above, only this time it's in white with a sleek orange trim.

New Nintendo 2DS XL Poke Ball Edition is $196.48 at Amazon (save app. $10)
This cute, limited edition 2DS XL has already started to sell out - if you want it, you need to grab it sooner rather than later.View Deal

New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition is $199 at Amazon
What's better than a Poke Ball 2DS XL? A 2DS XL with Pikachu's face on it. This rare, now-discontinued design is still available at Amazon.View Deal

Console only

best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle deals

Would you prefer a 2DS XL console by itself? No problem. Here are the best solo deals we could find. Remember, these prices update all the time - you're seeing the cheapest bargains available now from the biggest retailers.

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