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Ni No Kuni errands guide

Errands [41-60]

Errand 041

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: 50 Guilders Stamps: 2

Right by the Hootique in Ding Dong Dell you'll need to find an earring for an NPC. It will be located in one of the sparkling pots in the city. The location will vary, but check the pot by the map between the upper and lower town areas first, and you may find it there.

Errand 042

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: Wooden Shield Stamps: 2

In Ding Dong Dell you'll find a female NPC by the Cowtermaster's Store. She requires two bottles of Springwater and two Plainswort flowers, so find them in the overworld and return them to her.

Errand 043

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: Sweetie Pie (x3), 50 GuildersStamps: 3

In Ding Dong Dell, you find a worried mom who can't find her missing sons. Find them at the following locations:

1. In the Cawtermaster's Store
2. On a rooftop accessed by the spiral staircase, near the mother
3. At the stairs leading up the Horace -- you'll get the Spirit Medium spell.

Cast a healing spell on each before asking them to go back to Mom.

Errand 044

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: Iced Coffee (x3), 50 GuildersStamps: 4

Once you defeat Hickory Dock, find an NPC in the Eastern Rolling Hills area in need of your assistance. You can activate this mission in the Very Swift Solutions job board in Ding Dong Dell. You won't see the forest the NPC is in on your map, but in the field you'll see a forest that is actually a miniature dungeon. You'll need to enter the dungeon and kill Rhinobores, five in all. You'll also then have to return to the dungeon afterward for stamps and to the NPC for rewards.

Errand 045

Location: Golden GroveStamps: 3Reward: Blindness-Be-Gone (x3)

The Swift Solutiosn office in Al Mamoon has a job posted about a woman who's worried about something. It turns out she wants you to deliver a lunch to her husband, who can be found in the Golden Grove. Run over to the Golden Grove and go down the mushroom stairs here. Deliver the lunch and return to the wife with a message for a reward.

Errand 046

Location: Al MamoonStamps: 3Reward: Bone Sword (x1), 200 Guilders

The Swift Solutions branch in Al Mamoon has a notification about a shopkeepr by the milk fountains. You're tasked with defeating 10 Boneheads for the shopkeeper. Find them outside town in the desert area. Use magic on them to eliminate them quickly, and come back for your reward.

Errand 047

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 2Reward: Phoenix Feather (x2), 400 Guilders

Find a boy in Al Mamoon before setting sail with your letter of passage. A young boy here will ask you to find his three pigeons. Once you find them, use the Nature's Call spell. You can find the birds in the following locations:

1. Inside the Hootique, on the windowsill to the left of the entrance.

2. The courtyard by the Inn.

3. By the milk fountain on the right as you get near the palace.

Errand 048

Location: Al MamoonStamps: 4Reward: Tikka Mahala (x5), 200 Guilders

After you recruit Esther in Al Mamoon you can find a street vendor who needs ingredients for his famous curry. He wants Fluffy Rice, Tender Beef, and spices from the Sheik of Spices. The rice can be bought at the Hootique and tender beef at the Hootique as well, so the spices are what may give you trouble. Go to the Swift Solutions and find the Sheikh of Spices there outside. He's suffering from a broken heart and needs enthusiasm before you can even ask for the spices (look back to Errand 003). Once he's been helped, he still isn't going to just give up his spices. You need to gather some special materials first, including turmeric root from a Lumberwood monster (see Bounty Hunt 088) and 3 spicy seeds from the soil in a volcano. See Old Smokey for this.

After you pick up everything needed, run back to the Sheikh of Spices to get your spices. Finally! Give him the beef, rice, and spices and you'll receive a reward as well as the ability to purchase more Tikka Mahala in the future.

Errand 049

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 3Reward: Wildflower Sundaes (x4), 400 Guilders

There's a woman in Castaway Cove who asks you to freeze and kill 3 Florets for supplies for a new design. You need to accomplish this by using the Frostbite spell on the Floret before killing it, then collecting rainbow Floret leaves. You can find Florets hanging around the Shimmering Sands area by Al Mamoon, so take them out once you've found enough of them. Return to the woman for a reward.

Errand 050

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 3Reward: Strong Coffee (x3), 400 Guilders

Before leaving Al Mamoon with your letter of passage, make sure you find the blue crab by Castaway Cove. Using Nature's Call you can interact with the crab, who asks you to find his friend. You must have the Sea Cow ship for this to be triggered. Head to an area southeast of Castaway Cove, where you can find the crab's buddy. He's on the very easternmost tip here, so cast Nature's Call to let him know you're looking for him, and return to the other crab to finish the quest.

Errand 051

Location: FairygroundStamps: 3Reward: Dryad's Spear (X1), 700 Guilders

After visiting Hamelinf or the first time, head to the Fairygrounds to find a very distraught fairy. He lost three slapsticks in the woods and you need to get them back. You'll find that Wishing Wharmbats have commandeered them. Do not kill the monsters, as they will not drop the items. Instead, use a familiar's skill like Sand Blast to accomplish what you need.

Errand 052

Location: FairygroundStamps: 4, 1 BonusReward: Babana Flans (x2), 700 Guilders

After visiting Hamelin for the first time, find a Fairyground fairy who's having a rough time of things. The fairy is sick and needs specific items. Booster shots, Slumbernot Leaves, and Springwater will do the trick. You may already have all of these, but if not they can all be found or purchased in the Summerlands.

Errand 053

Location: Golden GroveStamps: 6Reward: Pointy Hat (x1), 1700 Guilders

Go to Teeheeti in the Fairygrounds after battling the Royal Jelly. There's a fairy in Golden Grove who you'll find in need of help. You need to kill all the Hyperboars in the forest here and return to kill the red boar. You'll be rewarded quite handsomely.

Errand 054

Location: HamelinStamps: 5Reward: Purifying Pulse Gem, 1000 Guilders

There's a female NPC in Hamelin who's at her wit's end with a flower that just won't grow quickly enough for her needs. You need to find a Sunshine familiar from the Shimmering Sands, then return to make the flower blossom.

Errand 055

Location: HamelinStamps: 5Reward: Cappuccino (x2), 1000 Guilders

This Errand is available fromt he same NPC from Errand 101. Speak to him to get this errand too. You're asked to find some feel-good fungus from a forest to the west of Hamelin. Just like with Errand 044, you'll need to find the forest manually since it will not be found on the map. There's a girl here in the forest who's willing to trade you carrock cake for the fungus. If you need to make a carrot cake, use alchemy to do so, then make the trade. Give the fungus to the man and receive your reward.

Errand 056

Location: Skull MountainStamps: 6Reward: Pirate's Cutlass, 1000 Guilders

After completing Errand 055 you can obtain this task. You'll need to talk to the same NPC to get this errand to pop up. You need to destroy four pirate ships. While traveling by ship, go to Castaway Cove and get into it with the zombie pirates near Shipwreck Shore. Just touch the ships to initiate battle, then return to Hamelin for a reward.

Errand 057

Location: Skull MountainStamps: 5Reward: Stout Armor, 1500 Guilders, Alchemy recipe for Jumbo Moondrop

After completing the Solitary Isle story mission you can speak with a mechanic in the Pirate Skull Mountain den. He will assign you this errand. He needs a part to fix a broken engine. Take the broken part, use Gateway to Detroit, and fix the part. Return it to the mechanic for a hefty reward.

Errand 058

Location: Skull MountainStamps: 4Reward: Whirligig Gem, 1500 Guilders

Complete the Solitary Isle story mission to unlock the ability to find a pirate in the Skull Mountain Den with this errand. He wants the alchemic ingredient Gustplume, which can be obtained from water-type monsters called Beachhead. Give it to the pirate for your reward.

Errand 059

Location: YuleStamps: 5Reward: Snowblower Gem, 1500 Guilders, Alchemy recipe for Jumbo Planetdrop

You can check the Very Swift Solutions job board for a posting about a ghost in Yule. The ghost's cave lies southeast of Yule. You will need the Spirit Medium spell to speak to the ghost. If you don't have it, find Horace in Ding Dong Dell to obtain it for the quest. The ghost would like for you to take her Jabberguppy familiar along with you, raise it 10 levels, and come back to her. Simple enough, right?

Errand 060

Location: YuleStamps: 5Reward: Sasparilla Sundaes (x2), Snow White Ice Creams (x2), 2000 Guilders

In Yule, you'll find a woman who wants you to get her a bathing suit from Castaway Cove. You must have completed Errand 044 to be able to embark on this quest. Travel to Castaway Cove to speak to the swimsuit designer and you'll find out that a pesky seagull took th suit all the way to Bungler's Bay, which is an island to the west. You'll have to go there, find the seagull, and use Nature's Call to speak to the seagull. Obtain the suit and return to Yule to give it to its prospective buyer.