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New version of Rock Band coming to iPhone

The madness of Rock Band continues to just grow and grow, and in a bid to keep up-to-date with its constantly-changing console counterpart, the iPhone version is getting a makeover.

EA Mobile is preparing to launch Rock Band Reloaded, which will bringfresh graphicsto the game, as well as improved controls and new songs.

Unfortunately, Reloaded won't bring keyboard controls like Rock Band 3, but you do still get to play bass, drums, guitar, and "vocals." The latter doesn't actually let you sing but gives you a pattern of buttons to press intime with a song's vocal track.

The screenshots here are EA's first glimpse into the redone mobile game, which looks much crisper than its predecessor. There's no word yet on what tracks will come with the new game.

Other details are still a mystery, like whether or not it will have Game Center support. We seriously hope it will, because online Rock Band on-the-go would great.

[Source:Touch Reviews]

Dec 2, 2010