New Two due

Yesterday, an announcement was sent out regarding a new game from Electronic Arts entitled Army of Two. Touted as the game that will redefine strategic two-man cooperative play, the release featured little information besides an excessive use of capital letters when referencing the word "TWO."

In development by EA's brand new Montreal-based studio, Army of Two is meant to be played in tandem with another real live person, but will come equipped with Partner Artificial Intelligence (PAI) in the event you can't scrounge up a friend to help you out. Setting you down in military hotspots around the globe, you and your friend (or PAI) will have to fight together as a team.

Army of Two has been promised for release on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime in 2007, and we'll have our eyes peeled for any screens at E3.

May 3, 2006