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New teaser for Warcraft: The Beginning lands online

A new 15-second teaser for Duncan Jones's Warcraft: The Beginning has landed online a head of the trailer's release on Friday. Now, you might be thinking, 15 seconds? Pfff! What's the point? But believe us when we say you NEED to watch this.

Watch the teaser below...

Well? We were right, weren't we? Fans of the game will be relishing that fact that the movie seems have the same look and feel as the series, and while we barely catch a glimpse of Travis Fimmel’s Anduin Lothar, it's certainly whet our appetite for the trailer. Make sure you check back here for an in-depth analysis on Friday.

Co-starring Ben Foster, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbell and Dominic Cooper, Warcraft: The beginning opens in UK cinemas June 3 2016 and in the US June 10 2016.