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New Pokemon Sun & Moon trailer shows off version-exclusive Pokemon, dancing, and fashionista trainers

If you've had trouble deciding which version of Pokemon Sun & Moon to pick up, maybe this new trailer showing off the version-exclusive Pokemon will help. It's got everything from crazed werewolves to psychic orangutans and football-playing lemurs. I love this weird, weird universe:

Pokemon has had version-exclusive critters to catch and evolve since the beginning, so it's not too surprising to see Sun & Moon follow suit. The Z-Moves witnessed at the end of the trailer are all new though, and I'm pretty sure we're going to see some YouTube videos of cosplayers dancing with their Pokemon in the near future. As a character customization lover, I'm also keen on the expanded fashion options for trainers.

With a new generation of Pokemon, new region, new attacks, and more, it looks like Pokemon Sun & Moon are shaping up to be one of the most significant leaps in series history. We'll find out how well everything holds together on November 18.

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