Pokemon Sun and Moon will have a haunted sandcastle Pokemon because they can't all be cool

Well, we had a good run. After revealing a solid amount of pretty cool Pokemon that looked like animals (and not, say, robots, food, or piles of garbage), Pokemon Sun and Moon have shown off new inanimate object Pokemon. Meet Sunabaa and Shirodesuna, the living sandcastles: 

The new Pokemon were revealed in Japanese magazine CoroCoro. "Sunabaa" and "Shirodesuna" are the Japanese names for these Pokemon, so I expect we'll get something a little more pun-friendly for the North American and European reveal. I'm thinking Mancastle. No? The Mighty Sandlacc?

Oh well. Every Pokemon generation has its Mr. Mime. And who knows, maybe these Ground/Ghost types will come in handy. It kind of looks like it's about to devour poor Pichu in the top-right corner there so ... y'know what, I take it back. This thing will straight-up drown you in sand. Pokemon is hardcore, man.

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Sam Prell

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