Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer shows off adorable Alola Forms and powerful Z-Moves

Pokemon Sun and Moon is bringing a ton of new features to the long-running series. There's the new generation of Pokemon native to the new Alola region of course, but there's also a new multiplayer battle mode, a possessed Pokedex, and today a new trailer has shown us the Pokeride service, screen-filling Z-Moves, and boss-like Totem Pokemon.

The best addition though has to be the Alola Forms, which remix Pokemon you already know and love, giving them new types, moves, and appearances.

The internet has already decreed Alola Form Vulpix - AKA Ice Vulpix - to be The Cutest Thing Ever, but I love all of these redesigns. Check out cute little Sandshrew, who looks like he's wearing an igloo as a parka:

Or the doofy-looking Exeggutor, who's gotten some serious length enhancement:

Exploring the Alola region when Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive for Nintendo 3DS on November 18 is gonna be a treat.

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