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New Pokemon Snap will have both fully voiced cutscenes and limited voice acting throughout the game

New Pokemon Snap
(Image credit: Nintendo)

New Pokemon Snap contains fully voiced cutscenes and even some lines of voiced dialogue during gameplay.

As Nintendo Life (opens in new tab) detailed in its New Pokemon Snap preview, as early as the first tutorial characters are given fully voice-acted cutscenes, something that the majority of Pokemon games don't include, with two exceptions being 2016’s Pokken Tournament and 2000’s Pokemon Puzzle League. 

According to a statement from Nintendo, New Pokemon Snap features voice acting in its cutscenes as well as limited voice acting outside of these cutscenes. This means that even when players are presented with text responses from characters they may still say a short phrase or word as the dialogue is presented. 

Players can also choose to set character's voices to English or to Japanese for fans who want a more authentic experience. Not only this but for those who prefer to play New Pokemon Snap with no voice acting at all, there’s also an option to turn it off completely. If you’re still undecided, don’t worry - Nintendo has also confirmed that players will be able to toggle between these voice options at any point during the game.

Fans who just can’t wait for New Pokemon Snap won’t have to wait too much longer as the game is set to release on April 30, 2021. If you’re already starting to worry about how much space this bad boy will take up on your Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has also recently revealed the New Pokemon Snap file size and thankfully, it’s a lot smaller than previous Pokemon Switch releases Pokemon Sword and Shield.

While we wait for the release of this highly anticipated remake, get clued up on a new mechanic in the game the New Pokemon Snap Fluffruit.

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