New images for Snow White And The Huntsman

A new set of images has been released from Snow White And The Huntsman , the muscular alternative to Tarsem Singh’s hyperactive Mirror Mirror for those looking for a fairytale fix this summer.

The new images feature Charlize Theron in all her glory as the wicked Queen, sporting a fetchingly pointy crown and a pout that could stop traffic. We’ve already had a taste of Charlize’s bitchy side in Young Adult , and we like it!

Elsewhere, there’s a glimpse of Chris Hemsworth’s huntsman and Kristen Stewart’s Snow White, together at last, whilst Sam Claflin also gets a look in as the handsome prince who has long been a fan of the erstwhile maiden.

As with much of the promotional material that has gone before, there’s a cold, rugged edge to these new images, suggesting that director Rupert Sanders will be taking a more adult approach to the source material.

Snow White And The Huntsman opens in the UK on 1 June 2012. You can take a look at the latest images in full, below…