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The new 10 Cloverfield Lane poster is full of hidden easter eggs

10 Cloverfield Lane is described as a "blood relative" to the original Cloverfield, meaning it won't be a direct sequel to the events of the 2008 movie. Nevertheless, it shares a love for creative marketing techniques, that have so far had fans hunting down clues to help crack this mystery. Because despite its imminent release date - we know very little about the movie.

The latest piece of promo material for the movie has arrived via /Film who got its dabs on the official IMAX poster. It's a terrific piece of art in itself, dark hues and suggestive text, and one that creator Ape Meets Girl says is packed full of easter eggs:

"Well, there are some obvious ones, like in the grass, and anyone who is following the Alternate Reality Game will be familiar with the name that appears in the post. As for the others, there are nods to the film, subtle nods, that really just appear to be part of the mailbox and the background, but once you’ve seen the film, you’ll realise their relevance. Some of them I added myself, but others were Dan’s idea, in particular he was keen to incorporate The Totally Rad Show into the image somewhere."

A cursory glance shows someone trapped in a postbox-bunker (nice touch), and a name scrawled on the post that fans of the film's interactive viral game might recognise. Check out the poster below and see if you can spot any more.

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg and starring John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr., 10 Cloverfield Lane opens in the US on March 11 and in the UK on March 18.

Images: Paramount

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